My Secondhand September


Secondhand September was so much fun for me! I loved getting to go through all my older clothes and find the hidden treasures. I learned three main lessons from this month and want to share them with you--

  1. The pieces that have stuck around through all the major closet clean outs are the pieces that I fell in love with from the moment I saw them. They weren’t those pieces where I thought to myself “Well, maybe I’ll wear it a few times.” They were pieces that I saw and thought “Yes! I need that.”

  2. I’ve gone through major phases in my style, from bold prints and colors to neutrals and solids, it’s always evolving. The pieces that have stuck around through the years are the pieces that didn’t fall victim to my style of the month. These pieces are more classic and didn’t follow any particular trend.

  3. As I was putting together outfits during the month, I also came to the sad realization that most items in my closet have not been around for more that a couple years. It seemed that most of the pieces that I’ve had for years were actually more outerwear probably because they were more basic and solid colors.


This September was such a good learning opportunity for me. I want to keep these lessons with me as I continue growing through my slow fashion journey and remember the importance of simplicity.