Chic Made Consciously: A New Use for Tires

All Photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

All Photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

I've ooh'ed and ahh'ed over jewelry and accessories from as early as I can remember. Leather bags, gold cuffs, silver rings, I love them all! But what if there were pieces made just as beautifully out of inner tubes from tires!? Well, it's been done and these pieces are swoon worthy! Chic Made Consciously works with local artisans and makers in Bali to create these gorgeous pieces from tires! 


Chic Made Consciously was started in 2015 by founder Cassandra Ciarallo with a desire to create pieces that are timeless and sustainable, while honoring the people who make them and the places they come from. After a trip to Bali in 2014, Cassandra met a local artisan who was creating accessories from repurposed tire inner tubes. She was fortunate to get some time to work with the pieces herself and fell in love. The repurposing of tires came from a hope to keep them out of the landfills, where they often pollute the island and waterways. Chic Made Consciously works with local artisans to fight the fast fashion mass production and instead create pieces that are upcycled and made to last. 


When Chic Made Consciously first reached out to me I was so intrigued by all of their pieces; being that they're made from inner tubes they have an automatic individuality but each design is also so interesting. I was immediately drawn to the twist bracelet. I love the simplicity of it and I know I can wear it for years to come, plus even stack it with other bracelets! I also LOVED the fact that they come in different sizes! I typically have a hard time wearing bracelets because they always slip right off, but this one is perfect!

Head on over over to Chic Made Consciously and check out their pieces for yourself! I hope you fall in love, just like I did!