Vetta: When All Your Sweater Dreams Come True

All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

If you've been following along on Instagram this winter, then you know how much wear this sweater has gotten and how obsessed I am with it. I love how warm it is. I love that it's reversible. I love that it has a turtleneck and BONUS it's removable. Basically, I love everything about it. What I love above all of this though is the brand behind it, Vetta. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable standards is key in their production and it shows in their clothes. 


Vetta is a brand built on the idea of a few pieces that can be worn many different ways. Their mini capsule wardrobes are composed of five pieces that can be worn various ways to create a MONTH'S worth of outfits. Thats right, a MONTH! Their clothing is made in a family run factory in NYC and their sweaters are knitted at a partner factory in Los Angeles. Both factories are visited often and audited to ensure best practices. All of their fabric is either deadstock (leftover fabric saved from the landfill) or sustainable. The fabric that isn't deadstock is mostly tencel (which is made from sustainably harvested wood pulp).. sooo cool, am I right!? BONUS all of the buttons and elastic they use are also deadstock! 

Vetta has really thought about sustainability in all aspects of their business because they've even committed to 100% recycled packaging. 


This sweater was my first purchase from Vetta and I know there will be more to come. Getting ready is so easy when I know I have a piece that I not only love but can wear in so many different ways. So now let's talk about all the ways I've worn this sweater...

  1. With the turtleneck attached and buttons in the back

  2. Remove the turtleneck and buttons in the back

  3. Remove the turtleneck and buttons in the front

  4. And lastly I've worn it open as a cardigan


I hope you check out Vetta and fall in love with them like I have! I'm already counting down to their next capsule release!

Note: I was not compensated for this post, I just believe in this brand. All thoughts, opinions, and photos are my own. Thank you guys for reading and helping to spread the word about ethical fashion!

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