The 10x10: Spring Wardrobe Challenge

All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

All photos by: Seleste Paige Photography

My Spring 10x10 pieces:

  1. Linenstitch joggers

  2. Old Citizens of Humanity jeans

  3. Old Citizens of Humanity black jeans

  4. Elizabeth Suzann vented shell tank

  5. Jamie + the Jones T top

  6. Vetta oversized sweater

  7. Jamie + the Jones heavyweight T sweater

  8. Elizabeth Suzann knit tank

  9. Old Dankso clogs

  10. Fortress of Inca Adra flat

  11. Nisolo Mariella mule

Welp, the Spring 10x10 challenge is officially over and I ended up making it an 11x10 because I needed another sweater on one of the days that is got unexpectedly cold. Although I didn't feel like I was super creative with my outfits, I did learn a few things. 

1. Less is More- At first, the idea of only having 10 pieces to pick from seems like a daunting task. I realized during the last week and a half though that I really didn't miss many of my other pieces of clothes. I picked my favorites from my closet because I knew the weather was going to be challenging. With the exception of a few pieces, I now feel like the majority of my closet is just extra. 

2. Simplicity is for me- All of the pieces I chose for my 10x10 were very simple and versatile. For me, sticking to neutrals makes things so easy and effortless.  

3. Layers, layers, layers- When limited to just 10 pieces I found that my creativity really comes from experimenting with layers. Sweaters over shirts, shirts over shirts, sweaters over tanks. It seems like I would've tried all of these things before, but it just showed me that with too many options, it limits my creativity and leaves me always reaching for something new. 


Even though the weather proved to be a little tricky and I ended up repeating two outfits, I think it was a successful challenge. I learned things, had fun, and connected with some great people! What more could I ask for!? 

Did you do the Spring 10x10? If so, how did it go for you? If not, do you think you'll try next time? Comment below and I'd love to talk about it!