JORD: The wooden watch that everyone can wear

All photos by: Seleste Paige photography

All photos by: Seleste Paige photography

Growing up in Texas, there was no shortage of wood around, which is where I developed my love for it. Whether we were using it to build a fire (during the one week of actual cold weather all year) or building something in the back yard I’ve always loved the natural element it brings to just about anything. Now with our own home, I try to incorporate wood wherever I can; shelves, tables, mirrors, you name it but the one thing I’ve never had is a wooden watch! So when JORD reached out to me with this collaboration opportunity, I knew it was going to be a good fit!

Pictured: Hyde series walnut and black watch

Pictured: Hyde series walnut and black watch

About the brand:

Jord is based in St. Louis, MO, which is also where most of their watches are assembled. With one of their main focuses being sustainability, most of the wood they use comes from furniture remains. Since the wooden watches require such a small amount of wood, they are able to reuse pieces that would otherwise be thrown away. The Maple and Bamboo used is completely sustainable and the Koa used comes from damaged trees or trees that are brought down due to weather events.


The watch:

I’ve always loved the oversized boyfriend look, so I went with the walnut and black from the Hyde series, which is actually shown under their men’s wood watches. Their women's watches are incredible too but when I was trying to decide on a watch I thought about how perfectly my husband could wear this also. Sharing watches...sustainability at it’s finest. The construction of it is so incredible. It's very solid and you can tell that there was extreme care put into it. Sizing the watch is also just as easy as any other watch. When I received my watch, I realized I had measured incorrectly but all I did was take it to my local jeweler and they removed a couple links with no problem. 


My final review:

As with just about everything else in my wardrobe, I love the dark colors. I know it’ll go with anything and everything I have! Please check out JORD and their wooden watches and I hope you fall in love like I have!


Here’s the bonus part! You can enter for a chance to win $100 towards your own JORD wooden watch via the link below! Good luck!

Note: Thank you, JORD, for gifting me this watch to review for this post. I was not compensated for this post. Thank you for reading and helping spread the word about ethical fashion!

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