Brand Feature: Fauxgerty

All photos by Seleste Paige

All photos by Seleste Paige

In the past couple of years, I've really taken a step away from prints and a lot of color but when I saw this dress it was everything I wanted. For about the last year, I've had a floral dress on my list of pieces to add to my closet but I hadn't found anything that seemed right yet. This dress with its muted green and simple florals has quickly become one of my favorite things to wear. I've been able to wear it a few different ways which of course adds to my love for it. Anything that can be styled in multiple ways is a sure win in my book. 


About the brand:

Fauxgerty was founded in 2013 by Chrissy Fogerty with the mission to create pieces that could be worn to a formal event or just while hanging out on the weekend. The materials of all their garments are up-cycled in efforts to keep these beautiful fabrics out of the landfill. All pieces are made from "pre-loved vintage fabrics, innovative faux leathers and suedes and sustainable fabrics, like hemp and fair trade, organic cotton." (Fauxgerty About Us page on website). I can't say this any better myself so here is a snap from the website on the sewers and factories:

All of our pieces are produced in Saint Louis and Los Angeles. Our sewers in Saint Louis work closely with our team, creating a close and collaborative work environment. The sewers are paid 36% over the regional average because we believe in the impact of their work and value it. In Los Angeles, we support a vertically-integrated factory that is dedicated to sustainable practices and fair pay.

From the pieces themselves to the packaging they arrive in, mindfulness and sustainability is at the forefront of all decisions. 


The dress:

I've loved experimenting with this dress and I've been able to wear it a few different ways. As a dress with flat sandals, it was perfect for a day date and just hanging out. As a dress with wedges, it was elevated and perfect for a night out or a special event. Lastly, by now you probably know that my love for jeans is real so when I wore this as a sort of over layer it took my love for this piece to a whole new level. I paired it with just a solid tank underneath and my Nisolo wedges. With this look I think a flat sandal could also work if you wanted to keep it even more casual. 

El fin:

Fauxgerty has created an incredible brand dedicated to mindfulness and conscious consumerism. Check them out here , you won't regret it!