Self Love and Sela Designs

If you’ve been following along here on the blog or on Instagram, you know that 2018 has been marked by some pretty huge life changes for me. From dealing with the after scars of infidelity, to a separation, to a move halfway across the country- it’s been a whirlwind. As I’ve worked through some of the hardest moments of my life, I’ve been thankful to be part of a community of incredible humans. I’ve been thankful to have an outlet to put out my thoughts and I’ve been thankful to partner with brands that support incredible missions and are working to bring about good in the world.


The life changes have brought about a shift in perspective for me though. They’ve reminded me about how important love is to the world and to ourselves. If you’re anything like me, I find it so much easier to give love to others but when it comes to giving that same love to myself I struggle. The negative self-talk, the out of line expectations, all of it.

When Ashleigh reached out to me with this chance to work together, I was beyond excited. As I looked through her new fall collection these bracelets were everything. ‘Love well’ such a simple phrase but one that is so easily forgotten. They’re incredibly well made and I love the simplicity of them. When we journey through difficult times, finding small and positive reminders can change everything. Wearing this bracelet reminds me to not only love myself well but to love the world well.

Andrea MinerComment